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Interim Government Solution To Nigeria’s Challenges, Says Chris Okotie

As the race towards the 2023 general election gain momentum, the Founder, House of God Church, Reverend Chris Okotie has proposed interim government as solution to Nigeria’s political problems

Okotie said such system of government would eliminate the legislative arm of government and empower the third tier of government.

Okotie, who tagged his proposed interim government as government of reconciliation and reconstruction, said this during Sunday service at his church in Lagos.

He explained that professional associations would be enabled constitutionally to acquire legislative powers as a replacement for the removal of the legislature from the country’s political system.

“The presidential system has failed this country and we need to do something before the country goes extinct.

“We need to do away with the legislature. It costs us billions to maintain that structure. There are 469 people in the lower and upper chambers representing the whole of Nigeria.

“This committee they are evolving had already been done in our society. That Association in Abuja the people already have it.

“People don’t even understand the history of healthcare in our society.

“Expunge the legislature from our constitution and empower the Unions like the NUT, ASUU, NMA others to participate in the legislative process.

“They already have the structures. When you do, there would be so elements that. They have more knowledge and understanding that faces people.

“If we do that, we would have solved one of the problems. When we expunge the legislatures, it means we don’t need political parties. If we do not have the encumbrance of that legislature and people take over the activities, there will be no need to spend such money.

“This justifies the tenets of democracy. Our democracy had been hijacked long time ago by what I called the elitism, mysticism and Satanism,” he said.

The clergy also proposed the creation of a new constitution, saying it shall be authentic, democratic and remains people’s constitution.

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