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Diaspora Lawyer is a legal services and consulting arm of The Lawyer that provides professional services to Nigerians in diaspora and foreign investors.

Established by legal professionals with long-standing experience, Diaspora Lawyer offers clients a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of doing business in Nigeria and navigating through the relatively volatile minefield of perefecting transctions by non-residents.

Diaspora Lawyer has developed a reputation for delivering, fast, efficient professional legal services to clients at affordable cost.

We are aware of the challenges diasporans go through in selecting legal representative in Nigeria. 

Diaspora Lawyer ensures that you have all the information at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions using unbiased advice, so that you to invest your funds as wisely as possible.

Whether it is acting on your behalf, attending meetings, helping you perfect legal documents, perfecting documents for residential or commercial transactions or discussing new  opportunities in Nigeria, we would love the opportunity to help.


Diaspora Lawyer was created because of the following identifiable needs.


Diversion and embezzlement of funds by relatives, friends and unscrupulous businessmen and scammers who purport to invest on their behalf.


The lack of time by the Nigerians in the Diaspora to manage Nigeria-based projects and businesses as a result of already busy lives abroad.


The Lagos Real estate sector offers an almost guaranteed return on investment, however most Nigerians in diaspora are excluded from the opportunity.

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