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ECNBA Releases Election Mag

The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) has released the much-anticipated official magazine for the upcoming NBA elections. This publication serves as a vital resource for NBA members, providing them with detailed information about the candidates vying for various positions within the association.

The magazine includes comprehensive profiles of each candidate, showcasing their educational background, professional experience, and contributions to the legal profession. Alongside their curriculum vitae, the candidates have also provided their manifestos, outlining their vision, goals, and plans for the future of the NBA.

In a statement, the ECNBA emphasized the significance of this publication, stating, “As campaigns have commenced in earnest, we are pleased to inform you that the details of the candidates contesting for various positions, including their curriculum vitae and manifestos, have been compiled in an election campaign magazine. Under Parts IV and V of our constitution, this magazine has been published on the NBA and ECNBA websites.”

The release of the official magazine marks a crucial milestone in the electoral process, empowering NBA members to make well-informed decisions when casting their votes. By providing a centralized platform for candidates to present their qualifications and agendas, the ECNBA aims to promote transparency, fairness, and active participation in the democratic process.

Among the notable candidates featured in the magazine are Tobenna Erojikwe, Chukwuka Ikwuazom, and Mazi Afam Josiah Osigwe, each presenting compelling visions for the future of the NBA.

Mazi Afam Josiah Osigwe, the current head of the NBA’s Remuneration Committee, presents a vision for a proactive and inclusive NBA. His manifesto focuses on enhancing member welfare and development, reinvigorating public confidence in the NBA, and strengthening institutional structures and efficiency. Osigwe’s comprehensive approach aims to address the current challenges faced by the legal profession and create a unified, responsive, and forward-thinking NBA.

Tobenna Erojikwe, with extensive experience practicing law in both Nigeria and England, outlines a plan to build a “Courageous and Resilient Bar where No Lawyer is Left Behind.” His manifesto focuses on restoring dignity, promoting the rule of law, advancing structural reforms, and fostering empowerment, inclusion, and equity within the legal profession.

Chukwuka Ikwuazom, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (FCTI), highlights his significant contributions to the NBA and his leadership experience. His manifesto emphasizes innovation, justice, and resilience, advocating for a fearless approach in advancing the legal profession while prioritizing the welfare and empowerment of NBA members.

The official election campaign magazine serves as an indispensable tool for NBA members to evaluate the candidates’ qualifications, experience, and plans for the association’s future. By carefully reviewing the information provided, members can make informed decisions and select leaders who will effectively represent their interests and drive positive change within the legal profession.

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