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DEMOCRACY DAY: The Nation Can’t Progress When Our Leaders Prefer To Live Dangerously — NBA Presidential Candidate Jonathan Gunu Taidi

Nigeria celebrated her 30th Anniversary of uninterrupted Democracy yesterday, June 12, 2022. This was a new date which was a departure from May 29th which was the original date set aside for the celebration until the present administration decided to set aside June 12 in honor of the controversial election held in 1991.

Commenting on this change, A candidate for the NBA President, Jonathan Gunu Taidi Esq stated thus: “The present administration finally bowed to pressure and declared June 12 as Democracy Day, and 2022 is the 20th Anniversary of this Day which used to be celebrated on May 29.”

Jonathan Gunu Taidi Esq noted that Democracy was indeed a recognized system across the world with its reputation for insisting on the participation and cooperation of persons.

According to him: “Democracy is well known across the world as the method of governance which insists on the active participation of the people, in cooperation with the leadership.”

He however stated that democracy as recognized in the world was faced with challenges and even the best countries were yet to conquer all these challenges. His words read in part thus:

“Democracy all over the world is a work in progress and every  democratic government has its peculiar challenges as even the United States of America, acclaimed as a leading democracy, saw its Capitol (which is the equivalent of our National Assembly), invaded by anti-democratic forces barely three years ago.”

Remarking on the usual manner of celebrating democracy and practice of democracy in Nigeria, Taidi Esq was of the view that the manner of celebration did not commensurate the practice of democracy in Nigeria which was achievable by blood and money. To him, the practice of democracy in Nigeria was a farce.

He said: “Our 20th Anniversary was marked with the usual speeches, worships and fanfare, but it is hardly appropriate that we should be celebrating our return to democracy which, despite being paid for in blood and toil, has now become quite  commercialised and available only to the highest bidder.”

“It is impossible to progress in our journey to nationhood when we perpetuate such a farce or allow our leaders take us along such a dangerous path which only benefits very few at the expense of society.”

Furthermore, it was his view that the legal profession has a vital role to play in our quest to practice the kind of genuine democracy that is worthy of  celebration.

Urging Nigerians, especially his colleagues, he commented on his wish that they reflect on pertinent issues that can reshape the country while they enjoyed a happy holiday.

In his words: As we reflect on issues that can reshape our country, and our part in the process, may I wish our distinguished learned colleagues happy holidays.”

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